Referral Program

We appreciate talents. We treasure friends. We support each other. We move hand in hand. These are the concepts of Shern Consulting.

With a network of ambitious professionals, Shern Consulting has been able to exceed the expectations set by its clients, and we attribute our success to people who support us. Many of our clients have achieved invaluable cost savings by hiring the right people and as such, these cost savings builds value in Shern Consulting. In turn, we want to share our growth successes with you, and that justifies how much we emphasise on “win-win situations”.

Refer your friend to us today and you will be rewarded*. It’s our humble way of saying “thank you”. Register with Shern Consulting now and spread the joy.


How does the referral program works?

  1. Refer your friends by filling up the Referral form and we’ll do the rest for you.
  2. We will update you by sending you an email detailing your friends who have registered with us.
  3. If your friend in your network list has accepted a job, we will send an email to keep you posted.
  4. We will send the referral fees to you upon confirmation of your friend’s employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will I get paid?
    Upon confirmation of your friend’s employment, you will receive an email confirming your name and address. A cheque will be sent to you via post.
  2. Can I check the status of my referrals in my network?
    On a monthly basis, we will email you the status of your referrals in your network.
  3. How can I be assured that my information will not be shared publicly?
    Your personal information are protected under our Privacy Policy. We encourage you to read the privacy statements of Shern Consulting website as to all companies that you apply to will be able to review your personal information.

* Referral fees will depend on the job package and decided solely at the discretion of Shern Consulting without any arbitration.