Accounting Services

Shern Consulting provides a full-range accounting solution to companies. Whether it is a company that chooses not to carry out the accounting function in-house or businesses that do not require a full time accounting professional staff, Shern Consulting is viewed as a cost-effective answer. Our services are not just limited to basic accounting transaction and double entry, but also accounting tools such as periodic management reports that will enable our clients to monitor, manage and improve profitability of their businesses from these reports.

A summary of our accounting services are as follows:

  • Performance of financial data-entry into a computerised accounting system
  • Maintenance of cash and banking records
  • Payment disbursements and operation of bank accounts on behalf of clients
  • Preparation of monthly cash statements, bank reconciliation statements to details movement of funds
  • Preparation of management reports such as Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Account, and Balance Sheet at periodic intervals, either monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or annually
  • Preparation of necessary schedules for year end audit and tax

Besides the accounting services detailed above, Shern Consulting will also provide an insight of the business from the financial perspective and evaluation of key financial ratios as part of our advisory services.

Our consultants uphold the principle of adding value to our client’s businesses, because by adding value to our clients, we are creating value in our services.