Advisory Services

Shern Consulting offers advisory services to clients on strategic, financial, economic and business consulting. Our philosophy is to address complex situations with clear concise solutions. We tailor solutions to our customers needs as every organization is different in terms of the industry in which they operate or even in the operational perspective. We believe that every client engagement is different considering relevant factors and sensitivities surrounding our clients’ business environment. As such, we tailor our solutions by implementing suitable methodologies, models, techniques and business processes, while discarding those that are not effective to our clients’ needs.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Prepare or review practicability of forecast and projections (ie. Profit, cash flow statements etc)
  • Identify key cost drivers, implement and monitor the budgeting process
  • Review controls in place of business cycles (ie. Internal audit process outsourcing)
  • Due diligence, including financial, operational, strategic, human resource
  • Evaluations and assessments of risk of investment profiles
  • Business repackaging ideas such as improvised marketing solutions, product packaging, brand creation, web solutions.

Shern Consulting works hand in hand with our clients to achieve business growth in all areas. We are committed in striving to become our clients’ most valuable business partners. Let us prove the point to you by making an appointment with us today.