Human Resource Solutions

Shern Consulting offers a comprehensive Human Resource Solution to manage client’s HR-related processes such as payroll processing, pay-slip processing, expense claims, leave management, timely salary payments and payments to statutory contributions. We empower our clients to focus on core business objectives via cost savings and improved controls and strategic human resource management. Shern Consulting provides clients with a hassle-free payroll processing, thus enabling clients to reduce operational cost by achieving cost savings on hardware and software cost, improve controls and data management and focus on strategic planning initiatives.

In addition, the time spent on mundane HR administrative work can be used to focus on strategic planning initiatives and as such, our clients benefit from the opportunity cost of strategic investments missed through time spent to maintain an in-house human resource department. Besides, the risk on confidentiality of payroll information is also mitigated as payroll information is in trusted hands.

Our trained payroll professionals provide a comprehensive support for the strategic human resource management of our client’s needs and assisting our clients in decision making process, from generating individual employee’s pay-slips up to payroll reports customized to our client’s requirements.

Our services are as follows:

  1. Registration of employers with the statutory bodies such as Inland Revenue Board (IRB), Employees Provident Fund (EPF), and SOCSO
  2. Administration of new employee (ie. Registration and/or notification to IRB, EPF and SOCSO)
  3. Maintenance of employee data and payroll details
  4. Payroll processing and/or auto-banking of employee salaries
  5. Preparation of detailed payroll reports, payroll summary
  6. Preparation of annual returns submissions to the IRB (ie. Form E (Employer’s Return) and Form EA (Employee’s Return)
  7. HR administration such as overtime administration, leave administration, staff benefits and other employee benefits

Administrative HR work can be a constraint and an escalating cost-centre to an organization if not managed well. Contact Shern Consulting to handle your HR concerns and free your company’s resources to focus on a profit centre today.