Executive Search and Selection

Talent is a critical driver of corporate performance, highlighted by the fact that a company’s ability to attract, develop and retain talent has not ceased to be important in the current economy. Economic down-turns will not diminish the challenge of recruiting highly talented people. People with the ability to lead a company or division, guide a production team, or supervise a group of workers are the elements that differentiate great companies from merely good ones. The depth and quality of a company’s talent pool will determine whether that organization will lead its market and industry, or merely follow those competitors who attract better, brighter, more talented people.

Shern Consulting takes talents seriously. We recognize the importance of finding not only the right people with the quality and talent to perform the job, but also the right attitude that will give your company the cutting edge over your competitors in the long run.

Our executive search professionals perform a stringent selection process which will suit our clients staffing needs and requirements. From our network of multi-talented candidates of various industries, our professionals leverage on their experience, knowledge and client contacts to recommend qualified candidates to our clients. More often, we exceed the expectations of our clients, and so do the candidates that we recommended.

Our executive search and selection approach encompass both talent competency and behavioral suitability to ensure our clients to have both the best person for the job and the right mindset that matches the corporate culture of the organization.

Shern Consulting’s executive search and selection process is as follows:

  1. We visit our client to obtain information and understand in detail the job requirements and the corporate culture of the organization
  2. We perform a pre-screening in our extensive candidate database to shortlist the “best-matched” potential candidates.
  3. Our interview and assessment process encompasses competency interview, behavioral technique interviews and psychometric testing.
  4. We present to our clients a report summary of the most suitable candidate identified.
  5. We follow-up on our clients and obtain feedback after the hiring process is completed.

Employ an effective and efficient workforce to support the strategic growth of your company, take the step forward and be ahead of competition. Contact us now to see who we have to offer.